Flipping through the Art & Arcana book

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Want my copy of this book mailed to you for free? Scroll down to the bottom of the post and find out how!

I’m not usually the kind of gamer who buys art books and history books for our hobby. But this Art & Arcana book showed up in the mail and… gosh… it is pretty.

And when I opened the book at random, it thudded open straight to the Caves of Chaos. It is almost like the book KNEW what would hook me in.

If you are into the old school parts of D&D, this book is full of great bits and pieces of lore and history. Hand drawn maps from the old-timers in the hobby…

The cover studies for the original Chainmail rules…

And multiple comparative studies of monsters through the ages and editions like the beholder here (titled, horribly, “Evilutions”).

It even has the classic OD&D character…

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