This World of Yours: Campaign Setting Tips


Recently, I’ve begun to write Dungeons & Dragons adventures and resources sharing them with other enthusiasts of the game through sites like DriveThruRPG. Thus far, I’ve written three one-shot adventures based on the evenings where I gave my DM a break and had my fellow players play as ‘monsters.’

The Menagerie

The Caverns of Midnight’s Fools

Champions of the Feywild

After writing those up and sharing them, I decided to put some more time into creating a fresh setting for any future DM-ing. The setting I’ve been working on and writing is called Red Banks set in a northern region based on Wisconsin populated by Ice Age beasts and lost native civilizations.

In the course of this, I came across the article World building tips for fantasy RPG’s like D&D and Pathfinder and found it rang true. Its ten tips made a lot of sense and increased…

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