DDO: More Night Revels

Bio Break

Once more, our Dungeons and Dragons Online group returned to the many quest offerings of the Halloween content. It’s actually pretty impressive to see just how many special missions — nine, in fact — have been added to the crypt. I don’t get why the studio has locked them behind this unnecessary and largely un-fun key gathering mechanic, but oh well, we had enough for four or five runs apiece, and so we went in.

The first one, Eternity Unleashed, had us running around some dragon crypt trying to get to the middle. This involved less combat and more puzzle-solving and stealth. These spinning purple skull heads showed up midway through and kept us on our toes (and looking over our shoulders!) as they whizzed up and down the halls. A couple of hits with those, and we’d be toast.

Grave Work took us the longest, since it was…

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