Ruins of the Gorgon

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Last month I posted the map for the Ruins of the Gorgon as part of my experiment to see how long it takes me to draw a typical map (for the record – two hours for this one with all the crosshatching).

Today, I’m going to stock it.

First off, with a name like “Ruins of the Gorgon”, it definitely needs something other than a Gorgon as the main bad guy. Because that’s just how I roll. So off to my Uniquely Undead article I go to create an undead bull to replace the gorgon. While I’m at it, I’ll probably add at least one other unique undead.

Ruins of the Gorgon Ruins of the Gorgon – Click for Larger

Ruins of the Gorgon is an adventure for level 4 characters, who will probably be expecting to find a gorgon somewhere in the depths of the ruins. And who may already be complaining that…

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