[Friday Map] Treasure Map to the Red Cave

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Red Cave by the Fetid SwampYe must travel into the woods towards the fetid swamp. Ye will know that the right path has been found whenst thou arriveth at the camp of the forest ranger. But be warned, for this ranger is no longer one of ours, but has been twisted by sorceries most foul (and is really quite nasty) and will seek to slay those who enter his domain. Beyond the camp, north of the still lake, cross the river while still in the land of ruined trees. Then southwards you will travel along the edge of the fetid swamp, giving wide berth to the Skull of Evernost, and by the bent Obelisk of Hate, you will find the red cave which you seek.

This map was drawn as a handout for a recent game. A treasure map to find… well… almost nothing. (It was the lowest treasure possible for a treasure map in…

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