Raids week 95

Micki's Delirium

I had intended to do this blog a bit earlier in the week, but that didn’t happen. This is the blog for raids 95, Saturday 20 October. On my suggestion, this week Osi posted for Killing Time as the first raid, but as I logged I was told that Matrix had just filled a group for the raid. As we’re waiting with very few joiners I suggest we do something else in hopes of getting more joiners for KT when Matrix is done with their run. We switched to Baba and waited a bit more for a full group. For sides, Osi told me to go right and he’d go left, the rest got to choose side. We managed to split evenly and I helped with puzzles, but had more than one person on my side who knew how to do them. As for end fight, since Osi was ready…

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