D&D Dad: Troll Trouble (our Adventure Report)

Michael Jasper

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played Troll Trouble!

Troll Trouble

Session 1, 7/12/18: Ravendale and Burt the “Troll”

Lifelong friends and first-time adventurers Kendalthe Elven Cleric (Mitch), Mavthosthe Tiefling Warlock (Drew), and ZaldoWiggletoe the Stout Halfling Monk (Dad) meet up at the Broken Plow in Ravendale for their first quest.

They find the town (about 80 miles west of Amphail) and its surrounding lands suffering from what appears to be a long drought. They meet Roanna Redmane at the tavern, and her daughter Shalia is missing after attempting to bring supplies to the beleaguered village. The heroes take up the challenge and head for Stonebottom Bridge, home to what could be an evil troll. They find a wrecked wagon, a captive horse, and an ogre named Burt eating the other horse. Gross.

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