5 Horror Video Games That Were More Trick Than Treat

Two Beard Gaming

Halloween is upon us once again. And while our ghoulish friends will be sitting at home watching their favourite horror movies, the rest of us will be revisiting our favourite scary video games. Well, mostly.

Some video games, it seems, were more fart than fright, shamelessly crawling back into the grave before anyone noticed how terrible they really were. It is those stinkers that we’re here to unearth today, maggots and all. So join us as we look back at 5 Horror Video Games That Were More Trick Than Treat – cue lightning and scary laughter.



Friday 13th

We’ve already covered many of the problems fans faced when they handed over £30 to Microsoft in exchange for a copy of the hotly anticipated Friday the 13th game, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remind everyone how bad the whole experience was one more time.

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