Horrifically bad: worst horror games

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There are plenty of articles dedicated to the best entries in the horror genre in honour of Halloween. But what about those at the other end of the scale: what about the releases which are so toe-curlingly bad that, rather than covering your eyes in fright they have you laughing at the screen in disbelief?

As if making ourselves watch the trailers for the worst-rated games on Steam earlier this year wasn’t painful enough, my other-half and I recently decided to subject our minds to a special extended Halloween edition. Read on to find out about the worst-rated titles with a ‘horror’ tag currently on the platform and our reactions to them. Prepare to be scared… or probably not.
10.Bunker 58

Steam rating:Negative (0%)
Example review:What the game description on the store page should be: ‘After playing this game, you will question yourself how much the…

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