Now Arriving: Games of November 2018

Gamer Crash

Well, that was certainly a busy month, wasn’t it? October seemed to carry one new AAA release after another each week, and it doesn’t stop there. Even though it lost Call of Duty this year, November still has a ton of great games to look forward to. We’re not out of the woods yet, so hold on tight for another month of releases!

The Fallout franchise is back once again, though it may be a little different from what you and I remember. For the first time in franchise history, Fallout 76 takes the traditionally solo experience online for a multiplayer-focused experience. Sure, players can still play through the game solo if they want, but Fallout 76 introduces a shared world where the only other humans you see, are actual players.

After a delay out of the brutal release window of October, Battlefield V finally arrives. Taking a page from…

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