Amos Cree, An Enduring Cleric


The second character of the month is Amos Cree, a warforged cleric.

I don’t know much about the D&D setting Eberon. But one of the things I’ve seen showing a great deal of promise is the Warforged race.

In a brief Twitter chat with a former student, the idea of a character putting their consciousness into a construct came up. I like the idea of imbuing a construct with your character essence, and the Warforged race makes this more of a possibility while making it possible to pull the race out of Eberon and into whatever setting you’d like.


So, I created Amos Cree, a cleric of Erathis of the Order Domain, who spent the last years of his life building a Warforged Envoy body, so he could magically transfer his mind and soul to it to live longer and serve Erathis. In doing so, Amos lost…

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