In Defense of Video Game Peripherals that Use AA Batteries

3rd World Geeks

If you asked me a month ago on whether I’d prefer a device with a built-in rechargeable battery pack or one that’s run by AA batteries, I’d quickly answer the former without any hesitation. But two third party Nintendo Switch controllers are making me reconsider my opinion – 8bitdo’s SN30 Pro Plus and PowerA’s Enhanced Switch Wireless Controllers.

I initially considered getting 8bitdo’s latest SN30 Pro Plus controller because it has a small feature that it’s predecessor lacked – grips. But I was dissuaded from the purchase when I learned that the SN30 Pro Plus didn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery and instead relied on AA batteries for power – getting grips on my controller but having to rely on AA batteries wasn’t a justifiable trade-off. I am also very interested in PowerA’s Enhhanced Wireless controllers because of its programmable buttons – a feature so unique, I am still considering…

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