Latest maps of our Engsvanyali Tomb Raiding

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Here’s where we ended up leaving the Engsvanyali Tombs for the time being – we needed to restock on magic and climbing gear to bridge that last gap on the lower level and when we got back home we ended up caught up in all the minutia that comes with running a full Tsolyani colony on the southern continent.

Engsvanyali Tomb Engsvanyali Tomb

These tombs were drawn based on the GM’s descriptions as we played – I drew them using a graphics tablet in Photoshop while screen sharing my work with the group.

This version includes a bunch of notes about our loot and explorations (as well as a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference). With all the Engsvanyali gold and jewelry we dragged out of there, I’m at the point of being just over 1,000 XP away from level 6 – and becoming a bona fide general (as well as the clan…

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