The Ibrhim Twins, Aasimar & Tiefling

Daniel Casey

Eloise Ibrhim and Vadim Ibrhim, twins born as an Aasimar and a Tiefling each with golden skin, black hair, and a strange connection.

The twins always quarrel with each other sometimes bitterly but are completely devoted to one another. In no small part, this is of their magical connection they are still discovering new aspect to every day. Currently, whenever one is at Disadvantage, then the other is given Advantage and vice versa. Neither recall their parents having been abandoned at birth and raised in a Pelorian orphanage. 

Eloise discovered early on in her life a fiery desire to quash evil leading this Scourge Aasimar to become a paladin of Helm. Wearing a mask of thin, polished quartz with veins of gold running through it, Eloise serves her deity by working as a guard for the weak and a protector of the just. Typically, her work earns her…

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