A Trio of Goblinoid Women: Gladiator, Wild Magic, & Trickery

Daniel Casey

The last characters I did were twins, so for day five of my November character creation I decided to do triplets.

a63daa9b97a600dea20a00dcb79d15d0Goblinoids consist of in descending order of strength and size bugbears, hobgoblins, and goblins. I’ve always like the idea of playing as a monster and these humanoid creatures always deserved to be a playable race. Perhaps not the most interesting stats for these characters is made up by their quirks, which I think this female trio is fairly solid as both player characters or NPCs.


Barrot, Bugbear Fighter 

It’s difficult to imagine a bugbear as not some wild brute. Barrot (rhymes with carrot) is a gladiator but less of an arena fighter or streetfighter and more of stage combat or stunt person. Although she certainly knows how to use a variety of weapons to deadly effect, the hassle resulting from easily killing people is not worth the…

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