The Red Banks Adventures

Daniel Casey

The Worthless Shrines, Part 1

This month, I’ve been putting together a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Rather than pick an established setting or world (in the first campaign I DM-ed, I had chosen the Forgotten Realms continent of Osse to set the adventure), I’ve decided to make my own.

MapThe county of Larrissone in northeastern Osse

There is so much brilliant fantasy art to inspire. For this campaign, I had been mulling over crafting something borrowing aspects of Native American culture, specifically the woodland Mound Builders. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I was always delighted and fascinated by visiting and learning more about indigenous American sites and history. So, when I discovered this map imaging Wisconsin as a Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones landscape, I realized just what I wanted to do.


This brilliant fantasy map of Wisconsin pushed me to create a D&D 5th Edition…

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