Five Games To Cut Out from the PlayStation Classic (and Five Games to Replace Them)

3rd World Geeks

I was very excited for the PlayStation Classic. The first PlayStation was one of my favorite video game consoles of all time and I had a ton of games for that system. Take note that I used the word “was” when referring to my level of excitement for the upcoming PlayStation Classic. While I’m still eager to get one, my excitement level has been downgraded from “very” to “moderate” since Sony released their complete list of games that will be included in their upcoming “mini” system.

The list itself is not garbage as there are some real gems in there. I think there’s a law that states that, if Sony ever released a retro PlayStation console, it would have to include Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid because there would be riots on the streets and governments would be overthrown if it didn’t. After all, those are the games…

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