From the DM’s Chair: Session 17, Every Rose has its’ thorn


The antagonistic force in many books, films and games are usually embodied by a singular entity. Darth Vader is the face of the Empire, as much as Lex Luthor stands as a symbol of the Legion of Doom. However, an antagonist does not simply have to be just one individual. Whilst singular villains can be more compelling as characters, in a setting such as D&D, a lone villain can often be engaged and tossed aside in a matter of a few rounds. Thus, it is important to engage our players with a larger more expansive threat. I am, of course, talking about the evil organisation and its place in a D&D campaign.

Welcome to From the DM’s Chair, I’m Shadowonthewall and today, we’re going to be talking about the seventeenth session of my D&D campaign: Dorvine, and the lessons I’ve learned whilst running it. This week, we’ll be revisiting introducing…

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