Androgeos della Pharos, Gentleman Minotaur

Daniel Casey

For today’s November character creation, I’ve decided to indulge my love of minotaurs. This is an Unearthed Arcana race so unofficial but being encouraged to playtest. Minotaurs along with centaurs make for some fascinating character choices especially when pair with non-standard classes. For example, in one of the modules I’m writing now I have centaur rogue–he’s not stealthy, but he is a smuggler–and a few months ago I wrote a one-shot where my players could inhabit a centaur. So why not have some fun with minotaurs?

When I wrote and played out my first campaign, I gave my players a maze on an aristocratic grounds wherein four minotaurs guarded four magical treasures. This is was an easy insertion of a monster for players to encounter. Three of my four minotaurs were evil creatures, one was lawful good and would have joined the party as an ally if they had…

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