Shaw Greycloud, Half-Orc ‘Coyotaje’


Today’s November character creation is Shaw Greycloud, a half-orc. She makes a living by transporting individuals into and out of cities, regions, and nations without their being discovered by authorities and securing them forged documents. Shaw is a coyotaje


As a Mark of Finding half-orc, she has a keen sense of direction than your typical smuggler making it slightly easier for her to get her humanoid cargo to the place they want to go–sharpened senses allows for one Intuition die (d4) to be added to all Perception or Survival checks. Her druidic training allows her a certain magical advantage while in the wilds. Shaw favors buffing spells that’ll do the most to guarantee her charges’ survival. These traits paired with her naturally high Medicine, Perception, and Survival stats has allowed her to be moderately successful.

Shaw has built up a reputation as an efficient…

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