Janix Piccolo, Mark of Scribing Gnome Bard

Daniel Casey

Once again embracing some Eberron content, today’s November character creation is the Mark of Scribing gnome bard Janix Piccolo.

This mark grants Janix the ability to cast Comprehend Languages once per Long Rest as well as the spell Message as a Cantrip. Thanks to it, she has proficiency with both Calligrapher’s Supplies and Forgery Kit. These traits help make Janix a bit of a shady figure.


Using her natural musical talents, Janix’s modus operandi is to gain entry to an upper class event, perform, and collect as much information as she can for blackmail and leverage. The con has kept her in coin for several years now allowing her to carve out a niche where she avoids hassle from local authorities, criminal elements, and the ever pissy bourgeois. 

The magic she has learned as a Bard has been practical, tools to aid her in grifting. Thus, she’s doesn’t…

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