Raids week 97

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday I logged for raids at about 5 past 9 my time And Osi had a bit more than half a party already. We waited til 20 past to fill and step in on hard (baba’s). I asked if Osi wanted to split the party, and he told me to go right, he’d go left. Anyone else got to pick side. During the first baba fight, after I cast Divine Wrath I got aggro of the hut, as the aggro was supposed to switch, it switched back to me. When we stepped into the hut I still had the symbol for hut aggro in my buff bar. As for totems and and puzzles, I killed the totems most of the time when frog was off timer, and attempted to get the crows, but implosion is a bit finicky if there is any mob in range that is immune. For…

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