What Should We Look for in Indie D&D Adventures?

Daniel Casey

I don’t see a lot of reviews of independent Dungeons & Dragons adventures. This makes sense as there are hundreds of thousands of homebrews, one-shots, and settings created by players for other players covering nearly every edition of fantasy tabletop you can imagine. Quite simply, there’s too much out there. But that feels like a cop-out.

Tabletop gaming is one more genre of storytelling, and as such, it deserves attention. I’ve been playing 5E D&D for barely over a year now. I’ve come to love it as a method of storytelling and serious play. I’ve begun to write my own adventures as well as read and run those written by others. When I watch gaming streams, I find myself approaching it like I would a novel or a film. That is, I’m analyzing it, critiquing it so my pleasure is heightened. I know not many people are interested in this…

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