Qiran Ragewind Thulubahn, Goliath Paladin Knight


The Goliath race is fascinating and under-utilized. I don’t think the pure meritocracy of their culture gets enough attention outside of a rather superficial conception. It’s too easy to see goliaths as brutes or obscure tribalists, there seems to be very rich potential for roleplay with this race.

ef1fc466fba962885a2a22b3747be2e0Qiran Ragewind Thulubahn, paladin, is my first goliath and today’s November character creation. She has come down from her mountain home to what she calls ‘the flatlands’ to find the coast, see the sea, and return to it the mysterious artifact she discovered (the trident she wields bearing runes of the god Stronmaus). Qiran (pronounced like ‘Karen’) discovered the trident embedded in the walls of an ice cavern. Since possessing it, she’s had vivid, recurring dreams of dark storms coming out of the mountains and disappearing into the sea. She saw herself releasing the trident into the ocean and the great…

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