Raids week 98

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday I logged on just before 9 pm my time. The only one online in guild was Azzallea. I said a few words before putting the lfm up with “R1/LE/LH depending on party /joinchannel EEraids endgame”. Azzallea joined and a bit later Tahlua logged on. Several of the Sokos were also on today and joined. In less than 10 min we had a full party. I thought about the tanking of the shamblers, and after a bit of hesitation decided on LH for a safe run. We had enough dps, but I felt unsure about shamblers – and have gotten complaints before on a failure so decided to play it safe. I told Nab to go left, I went right and the rest got to choose sides. On the first run through we ended up split 7 and 5, but I wasn’t really worried. Erofen wanted to do puzzles…

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