Top 5 Pokemon Spin-off Video Games

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There is no denying it, Pokemon is a global phenomenon. Spanning over two decades and showing no sign of slowing down, it’s now part of everyday culture and ingrained into our beings. Although the game is firmly rooted in the RPG world it hasn’t stopped the developers branching out to broaden its appeal, even letting others take the wheel from time to time. As part of our Pokemon week, we now bring you the Top 5 Pokemon Spin-off Video Games Ever!


5. Pokemon Trozei!


Pokemon Trozei! took the cute characters of the series and turned them into blocks for an all-new puzzle game in a similar vein to the classics Bejewelled or Tetris. The aim of the game was to move the falling Pokemon into lines of four matching icons causing them to disappear. The game was easy to start but took skill to master and featured a number of…

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