Tybalt Ara, Aarakocra Shaman


There is no shaman class in D&D, which disappoints me, so today’s November character creation is the jungle druid, Tybalt Ara. An Aarakocra, or bird-person, I imagined Tybalt being less of a raptor (typically Aarakocras are presented has hawk, eagle, falcon, or owl humanoids) and more of a macaw, a Scarlet Macaw actually.

Scarlet-Macaw-by-Adam-Riley.jpgI just loved the idea of a colorful humanoid, and the notion that others might tease him as a parrot and him with his calm, deep voice seriously explaining how that’s racist and if he hears it again he’s going to tear out their throat. I was also fortunate enough to stumble upon this Pathfinder art which pretty much captures the image I had in mind:

bbae6f3dc8fbf83b79ca83cd41ee7ebfIt’s a difficult thing to conceive of a druid as it doesn’t really feel they gather their own personality stats-wise until 3rd level. For Tybalt, he’s a shaman whose…

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