Allied Rather Than Adversarial: How 5E Encourages a Different Style of Play


There will always be debates. No one is looking for or expecting perfection or a last word on any manner. Rather, we’re all looking for variation and build upon what came before. Prior to finally playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time just over a year ago, the expose I had to it was very superficial. The only real reference I had was a 2nd edition player handbook I read because I thought I might try to play back in middle school. That never happened, so I’m not bringing any baggage into playing 5th edition. This is both a positive and negative–the negative being I’m not as familiar as other more experienced players, but the positive is that I’m not set in my ways.

IMG-4826I think the appeal of 5th edition is it fully embraces the notion that players and Dungeon Masters are simply different sides of the same…

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