Bastion of the Prince of Clubs

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Surrounded by the cyclopean ruins of the Temple of the Abyss, the Prince of Clubs retreats to his green and black granite bastion to while away the ages between the godwars he is forced to fight. A champion of the forces of change & chaos, his own existence seems stolid and phlegmatic – a weapon to be drawn in battle and then carefully returned to the Bastion.

Bastion of the Prince of Clubs Bastion of the Prince of Clubs

This map of the Prince’s Bastion covers the above-ground structures – a squat dome and towers built of enormous 7 to 12 foot blocks of granite supposedly brought here from the veridian hells to make the structure resistant to most magics of this realm. For decades at a time the Prince of Clubs can be found seated on his throne, pondering the passage of eras and his role therein. The smaller throne at his side is occasionally…

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