Raids week 99

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday when I logged at 9 pm, Tahlua and Devil were already online. Osi had reincarnated and seemed busy in Gianthold. I put the lfm up, then sent an invite to Devil and Tahlua before accepting people off the lfm. This Saturday felt a bit odd. Usually about half the party is Soko members, but this week I got several joiners whose name I didn’t recognize and that were in a guild that doesn’t often join the raids. Nabnirob and Nedlyne joined from Matrix and I suggested we do elite with them dual-tanking the shamblers. I had no idea if that would work, I just remembered Nab saying he’s done that before, maybe not with Ned though. I reserved the last spot for someone switching and noticed some had already stepped in on elite, before I got a confirmation that we would try the dual-tanking thing. Since I’m not…

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