Barbarians of the Wasteland

Return to House of Grouse

So rather that just look at my arcane I want to introduce my current second toon who eventually will end up as a Barbarian but is currently a fighter. Reincarnation is such a pain in the butt but the advantages it brings makes it worthwhile even if you are looking at years of working on the character. However this particular toon is still a long way from hitting his potential.

Now I would never even remotely claim to be a melee expert, this is just me working towards something I think works. I am not going to take every past life just those that will help my melee character so after finishing this life he will have 3 past lives as a fighter, 3 as a monk and a couple of barbarian. This is the point where I work towards the racial reincarnations that should help me. Half Orc, Dwarf…

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