What I Want in a PlayStation 5

3rd World Geeks

Sony will not be attending next year’s E3. This has come as a shock to the entire gaming world as this will be the first time the company has decided to skip the annual trade show. It’s not like Nintendo not attending E3 because they still make their presence felt with their Nintendo Direct shows. No, it looks like Sony will be taking the cold turkey approach and just not show up.

Why would Sony ditch E3 after being a loyal follower for so many years? Well, rumors and speculation regarding this move revolve around the strong possibility that Sony is readying for a huge announcement for 2020. Most fans are guessing that Sony is skipping next year’s E3 since they’re readying for the unveiling of their new console, the PlayStation 5, two years from now!

Okay, this is all speculation at the moment, but the timing does fit. It’s…

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