Gamer Spotlight: John Phipps


John Phipps (Host of Super Deformed Gamescast)

John Phipps is the creator and co-host of Super Deformed Gamescast, a gaming podcast that focuses on fostering an inclusive, progressive environment. He is also an advocate for individuals dealing with mental illness, serving as a streaming ambassador for and volunteering his time at the Hope Booth during the PAX gaming convention. John also hosts a podcast called Support Class which is aimed at those dealing with numerous forms of mental illness.

John has also been featured on Polygon where he wrote about both the supposed connection between video games and real world violence, and his time overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan (he is a proud combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps). Most recently he made an appearance co-hosting Kinda Funny Games Daily with Greg Miller, and you can also usually find him on Twitter where…

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