Two Old School D&D Character Sheets

Dyson's Dodecahedron

As my cleric in the Monday night games levels up, I experiment with new character sheet designs.

At level 6 I made him this sheet:

Which I’m making available for your use here (click on the graphic for the PDF of the sheet):

Summer 2018 Character Sheet Summer 2018 Character Sheet (click for PDF)

On making it to level 7, I initially considered transferring him to a classic D&D character sheet.

But no matter the nostalgia of the sheet, I just don’t appreciate the way it arranges data. So once again I started drawing a new sheet for Garab based on his last sheet but a little tighter.

And this is the result. So I’ve also made it available for download in PDF (click on the image below to get the PDF).

Fall 2018 Sheet (click for PDF) Fall 2018 Sheet (click for PDF)

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