From the DM’s Chair: Session 19, Contradiction and conflict.


Roleplaying games are as much an exercise of luck as they are of skill or drama and it’s in this element of luck that a beautiful little quirk can be found. An optional rule for Dungeons and Dragons is to consider this luck by involving a ‘critical’. A ‘critical’ is when a player rolls the maximum or minimum number on the dice. In the case of the D20 system, rolling a 20 is considered as a ‘critical success’ under these rules, usually resulting in an automatic success on an ability check and extra damage for a weapon attack. Opposite this is the critical fail, when rolling a natural 1 results in an automatic and spectacular failure of a skill or attack. As soul-crushing as a wrongly placed critical fail can be for players in a campaign, it can also be a brilliant spark of creativity in certain situations.

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