Evandra Coralsong, Quixote of the Seas


Evandra Coralsong, today’s November character creation, is a triton from the the deep sea of noble blood but devoted to protection of her people. However, as a knight errant she has ventured to the surface as a means to improve relations between the seas and the land.


Evandra appears slight, mercurial, but she wields her trident with a stunning brutality. Having studied the partial histories of the empires of the surface and a natural gift of Insight, she believes she has the skills to be an exceptional envoy. This, however, isn’t quite the case. Evandra seeks audiences with community leaders, luminaries in the aristocracy, and the respectable masters of the arcane assuming they are just as interested in her quest as she. Unfortunately, she is often rebuffed or casually ignored. This in no way dampens her spirits. Rather, Evandra takes any shunning or denial of her will as approval…

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