Marten Merriweather, Shifter Barbarian

Daniel Casey

Shifters are another Eberron race that is essentially werewolf-lite. This race is descended from lycanthropes but not quite fully able to change oneself into a particular beast. It sounds like a race based around making a playable version of Sabertooth.


Whereas a Changling improves upon the Doppleganger, I feel the Shifter nerfs the Lycanthrope. However, there are myriad ways to play every race for both battle and roleplay; it’s up to us to find it.

So for today’s November character creation, I continued to embrace my love of badgers and barbarians creating Marten Merriweather, a shifter with most clearly a beast nature. Marten has grown to look more like a walking badger than a human as he roams the distant wilds.


Although not anti-social, Marten favors quiet places where very few other creatures come to pass. A barbarian in the most cliche sense, he has wandered the deep and…

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