Favourite mmorpg alts #IntPiPoMo2018


This latest post in the IntPiPoMo series for 2018 is showcasing my love of alt characters in various games, I have normally a main character that I play for the bulk of any time that I’m active in-game. However, one aspect of MMORPGs that I enjoy the most is the variety of playstyles within a given game that can come from the choice of class that you play. So having alternative characters allows you to experience the game and its content from a different perspective.

In no particular order, here are some cherished alts and their screenshots:

Belnius, Resto Shaman – World of Warcraft

He was my main character for a couple of expansions, but I’m back to playing Boomkin since Legion. Shamans are a class I do like a great deal though in terms of the class “fantasy” or aesthetic. I love the water-themed healing graphics for Restoration Shaman…

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