Sister Larissa Brightbane, Half-Elf Nun


There are monasteries in the world producing wandering monks and missionaries to explore, proselytize, or find enlightenment. Few devote themselves to quiet contemplation and the service of others. Such is the drive of Larissa Brightbane, half-elf nun, who has been tasked by her Mother Superior to go out beyond their community to aid and strengthen others, to stand as an example.

884764ac2f07a56bab255fcab56a3ea1Larissa is an ardent pacifist. She uses her cleric magics to heal, protect, and purify others. If there is no other option for her, she has no compunction to use violence to defend herself, however, she can’t bring herself to do violence for violence’s sake. When adventuring, Larissa looks first to give Guidance and then provide Sanctuary.

As a Mark of Detection half-elf, she is able to sense threats and augment her Investigation or Insight checks. Her lifelong studies have given her a deep understanding of not…

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