From the DM’s Chair, Session 20: Probable Causes.


Cutscenes are an important part of all video games. They allow for chunks of plot to be easily dispensed and essentially amount to mini movies which break up the gameplay experience and allow for plot to be told in a convenient manner. In terms of the battle between narrative and gaming, a cutscene is when a creator wrestles control from the player and places it firmly in the hands of the game’s narrative. Usually in video games, there isn’t a real issue with this. Players in video games, after all, still remain at the mercy of the gaming system and the limits of such a media. D&D, as a roleplaying game, doesn’t have this same built in method for dispensing narrative. Taking away a player’s agency never works well, especially in cutscenes as players will always wish to have a baring on the plot in front of them. It is…

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