Reinhardt Glaive, Bluejacket Water Genasi


Reinhardt Glaivefeels they’ve been at sea since birth. The water genasi sailor has circled the world at least six times on just as many ships. Usually, Reinhardt arrives in port after a contract’s completion and finds a brand new ship as they feel embracing change to be the greatest virtue.

78ca5f95f86ae847f86fe737a931444bReinhardt has resisted taking up the buccaneer’s or pirate’s life feeling the best way to experience all the seas have to offer is through the most official and well-maintained channels. However, they are feeling restless and are entertaining the thought of going rogue, taking up adventuring over their mercantile existence. Skilled in swordplay, Reinhardt is looking to improve their fencing believing adventuring to be the best way to test their mettle and become a truly great duelist. Their Passive Perception of 16 combined with their Perception and Acrobatics skills (+6 and +7 respectively) means Reinhardt is an elegant, lithe…

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