5 Things To Remember When Crafting RPG Story Hooks

Scriv the Bard

You’ve done your worldbuilding, whipped up the perfect antagonist, and helped your players through their backstory elements…now you’re a week away from your session and you have to determine what is, to some, the most crucial part of any D&D game: The Story Hook!

Having compelling Story Hooks is key for campaigns and one-shots alike. For a campaign, you want something to catch your players’ attention, but then lead smoothly into each subsequent arc– after all, a campaign centered around a single challenge with no evolution can quickly become stale.

For a one-shot, you don’t necessarily have to consider the “what comes next” aspect of a game. That being said, you still want something that your players will willingly invest themselves in. This way, they are motivated to really bring those characters to life and think about the decisions they make.

So whether you’re prepping for a campaign session or…

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