Adventure Review: The Orc Raiders by Ben Holsclaw



Quite honestly, I can never get enough orcs. They are the near perfect mass mob of foes for nearly any fantasy setting. We all love monsters, but a race premised on constant war and contempt for all other races–those are some baddies. So I approached Ben Holsclaw‘s The Orc Raiders expecting a meat grind (and was satisfied) but also discovered some strong roleplay elements that would fit well into any campaign making this module perfect as a one-shot, side quest, or adventure plot point in your own campaign. 

Holsclaw has written a solid background for the encounter giving DMs and PCs plenty motivation A band of orcs have created a semi-permanent camp in a series of caves near a trade route. From their camp, the orcs have been harrying travels and usually avoiding guarded caravans but something has changed,

“You see it just as the breeze brings the scent…

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