Alts of the same class?


I was struck when playing on Anor that levelling the same class a second time is something I very rarely do. I treat alt characters in MMORPG as variant gameplay or kind of like new content. Replaying the same quests and stories on a sufficiently different class does help to prevent boredom creeping in.

The longest run I had of such a character was a second Druid in World of Warcraft that I played as guardian in a leveling group some years ago. He started at level 1 and reached level 67 before the group’s enthusiasm fizzled. It was a very different play experience from that of my Balance Druid main. We had started the group to re-play all the post-Cataclysm dungeons and I volunteered to tank, so it made sense to play this particular class as I’d never played my main as anything other than Boomkin.


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