20 Games Sony Should Have Put On The PlayStation Classic


Whilst this list isn’t necessarily the highest rated or most well-received of original PlayStation games it is, however, a list of PlayStation games which mean the most to me, taking me back to some of my fondest of memories in this early age of 32bit gaming.


20. ESPN Extreme Games


One of the earliest releases in the PlayStation library an extreme sports take upon the road rash formula, bomb down a course on either a bike, rollerblades or on a street luge, whilst beating the hell out of your opponents. It had 3d stages with sprite-based characters and featured a split screen mode. It was basically Road Rash, which was a good thing.


19. Actua Soccer


Made by the now-defunct Gremlin Interactive it was the first fully 3d soccer game with none of that sprite-based player business, as per the early FIFA Soccer. Stunning graphics and astounding commentary by Barry…

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