The PC Classic Feels Totally Unnecessary

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It seems like gamers are getting their fill of “classic” and “mini” consoles these days. Retro consoles aren’t all that new if you really think about it as fans have been brewing up systems like the Retron 5. However, you needed the actual game cartridges to actually play the games. Enter the NES Classic, a miniaturized version of the extremely popular 8-bit console made my Nintendo themselves. You didn’t need to buy extra game cartridges since the NES Classic already had the games built in them. After that, it’s like everyone started jumping on the bandwagon.

Nintendo followed the NES Classic with the Super Nintendo Classic, which was a smaller version of the Super Nintendo with 20 games ready to play in the little box. The recently released NEOGEO Mini mimicked SNK’s arcade cabinet styling fine but the system was missing some important stuff that you had to buy separately

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