The 10 Ten Things The PlayStation 2 Classic Needs To Include

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The PlayStation Classic is out now and everyone has had their say on the questionable lineup. It’s something of a mixed bag all be told and there seem to be some pretty glaring omissions for whatever reason. It’s definitely not a must buy for me that’s for sure. With this in mind it got me thinking about what I’d like to like to see from the inevitable PlayStation 2 Classic, so here are The Top 10 Things The PlayStation 2 Classic Needs To Include.


10. Gran Turismo 3


The lack of a Gran Turismo game on the PS1 seems a massive dropped bollock as it was Sony’s main driving game for the longest time. I assume it’s down to licensing that it wasn’t added, but the third entry in the series was excellent and would be a worthy inclusion to the follow up classic console.


9. Rumble Racing


This was…

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