Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintendo Switch


It’s finally here folks! The most pre-ordered game in both Switch and Smash history has landed for us all to join the fight. And a game of Ultimate status deserves an Ultimate review, so let’s dive straight in and see whether this game get’s the overall score most of you will be predicting it gets, or whether it surprises us and has shortcomings we didn’t expect.

Before we start can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer amount of content that has been crammed onto the cartridge. Seventy eight fighters, over one hundred stages, fifty five Pokemon, fifty nine assist fighters, over nine hundred songs on the soundtrack (145 of which are completely new and total over ten hours of music), an entirely new single player mode, eight player battles, four player online battles, numerous modes and unlockables, a total of (wait for it) 1297 Spirits to collect…

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