Adventure Review: Xynkil’s Vault by Barry Dore



“In the depths of the Underdark, the beholder Xynkil patiently guards its precious treasure, waiting to destroy anyone foolish enough to try and steal it.”

Barry Dore’s Xynkil’s Vaultpresents players with a classic Dungeons & Dragons‘s monster to confront in the the eponymous beholder. Designed for players between levels 11 and 12 and taking place in Forgotten Realms along the Sword Coast around the incredibly popular city of Waterdeep. This adventure allows for players to insert it into their own campaign or dig in deep with Forgotten Realms lore as Dore has also included the option of spicing the adventure with politics from the Emerald Enclave. The point being, players are able to immerse themselves in an already fleshed out world if they decide to take on the module as a true one-shot.

The premise is simple and to the point–the beholder Xynkil has grown too rich and…

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