The Fist of the North: Crafting for Tabletop Gaming

Daniel Casey

mockup-154b1044_600xLast November, I began playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time. Over this year, I’ve gotten really into the game–writing my own adventures, painting miniatures, constantly talking about it with friends, reviewing other adventures, creating characters, and using it as a prompt to write more broadly about ideas.

This’ll be my last D&D post for the year encompassing the two projects that have taken me the longest to complete–the painting of a set of minis and the construction of a large paper model.

The Red Banks Village of Brokaw

The setting I’m currently writing adventures for is called Red Banks. It’s not too much different than most campaign settings only more northern. It’s a sort of mixture of the North American Ice Age and pre-settler Wisconsin. I decided to take the name of the town where my grandfather worked in a paper mill and insert it in.


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